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Exhibit 36

Frog Songs at the Old Ravine

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This exhibit presents recordings at night of frogs croaking away and ocean waves breaking in the background. The location is Malaga Cove, southern California - where the old ravine meets the ocean. Here briefly documents the sound on the beach one windless evening about 8pm, early spring, after a few days of light rain.

Audio recording: April 09, 2016 8:00pm (MP3, 1 minutes and 30 seconds)
Audio of frog songs

Video recording: April 09, 2016 8:00pm (MP4, 53 seconds)
Video and audio of frog songs

Map: Terrain view using Google Maps. Mark-up added indicating location where the ravine meets the ocean. Note: "CA-LAN-138" is the name of the remarkable archaeological site at Malage Cove. People have been living next to this particular ravine for a long time.

Map: 1902 U.S Geological Survey (detail). Mark-up added indicating location.

Photograph during the day (April 10, 2016) of the location where the audio and video recording of frog songs was made at night on the 9th. of April. Looking north at the place where the ravine meets the ocean.

A closer look at where where the ravine meets the ocean.

Looking east - up the ravine.