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1895, The Port of Redondo, The Land of Sunshine, A Southern Caifornia Magazine, Edited by Chas. F. Lummis, Los Angeles, August 1895, Vol. III, No. 3

[ Transcribed ]

The Port of Redondo.

Redondo is a young and flourishing little town on the coast, about 17 miles southwest of Los Angeles. It is not only a charming pleasure resort, but also a busy port. A large number of steam and sailing vessels touch at the wharf every month, and for some time past as much and sometimes more freight has been handled there than at the old port of San Pedro. The Pacific Coast steamships stop there regularly. There is a large warehouse and much grain is shipped. Not only does the company [ed. Redondo Improvement Company ] own the hotel, the wharf and the townsite, but also a well equipped narrow-gauge railroad which runs frequent trains from Los Angeles. This and the southern California railway furnish ample transportation facilities. A new wharf is under way to accommodate the immense and growing lumber trade.