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Exhibit 41 - by Galen Hunter

Becoming Harbor Drive

Detail of a 1854 map by Los Angeles County assistant surveyor George Hanson titled "Tract of land surveyed for the Salt Work Co." Markup added indicating where Hanson noted the location of a "Pebble Beach" - currently known as about the intersection Beryl Street and Harbor Drive in the City of Redondo Beach.

[Figure 1 - SR Box 24(06).16, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California, Digitized by Galen Hunter]

1887 or 1888 photograph by I. W. Taber titled "Redondo Beach (the pebbles)." This photograph is looking north and taken approximately where the intersection Beryl Street and Harbor Drive is today.

[Figure 2]

Detail of 1935 "Map of Proposed Redondo Beach Yacht Harbor", County Surveyor Map, CSB1083-2, Download Full Map (PDF, 338Kb). Note the intersection of Beryl Street and the Strand of original beach.

[Figure 3]

Video recording of February 3, 2019 - start of Redondo Beach "Super Bowl Sunday" 10k run event - view video (mp4, 53 seconds).

[Figure 4 - screenshot from the video, looking north on Harbor Drive from Beryl Street.]

End Notes

There once was a sound - listen (.mp3, 25 seconds).