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1896, "An Improvement That Will Increase the City's Water Supply.", Newspaper article, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 19, 1896

[ Transcribed ]


An Improvement That Will Increase the City's Water Supply.

The Redondo Beach Company is making an important improvement in the water works supplying the city. The supply is obtained close to the shore of a small lake north of town. The lake has a larger proportion of salt than the ocean, but the water is coming into it is of good quality. The lake is retained in its present position by a thick layer of hardpan. The water percolates through the large sand hills extending away from the ocean, and if not diverted would flow into the lake. The supply has hitherto been pumped from driven wells, consisting of numerous pieces of pipe with perforated ends driven into the water-bearing ground. These wells are to be replaced by a large well, which will probably furnish all water required for years to come. The supply has been sufficient during the past season, but the improvement is being made as a safeguard against possible lack next year and afterward. The steam pump now in use can furnish 30,000 gallons of water per hour.